Meaning behind ‘Haus of Ko’.

For the last 6-7 years, I’ve been really into intertwining Korean and Latin American flavors together in hopes to create a fusion menu and showcase it in a restaurant I would call my own. I originally wanted to call the blog ‘Coreana’ as it translates to ‘Korean’ in Spanish, but it seemed like it would’ve sparked some controversy. I ended up shortening it to just ‘Ko’ (but still hold the meaning of Coreana), but I still wasn’t content with the name.

A few days later, I was watching a Lady Gaga video on YouTube and suddenly thought of the name ‘Haus of Ko’. Where did that idea come from you might ask? Well like me, the multi-talented celebrity has a specific vision for her outfits/makeup; and because of how detail orientated her wardrobe was, she created her very own personal creative team called ‘Haus of Gaga’. It embodied her creativity, style, and love for loud and exaggerated looks. (same way how I feel about food!) Sadly I don’t have money like Lady Gaga to hire a creative team, but this blog is my own version of her creative team- except my creative team is myself and everything comes from my head haha (the house). Some of you might be wondering why I didn’t name my blog a name that can be easily tied to food; all I can say is that I just like to be different and stand out.

And that folks, is how this blog earned its name! For those that don’t want to waste time reading everything, read below:

TD;LR: Haus of Ko is an umbrella (big picture) of my dream and goals; culinary 101 and my recipes for food and beverage supports it and is what keeps the umbrella open.

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